Below is a list of previous seminars:

Traffic Seminar
"The Texas Transportation Code: The Law vs. The Lie"

October 24th-25th
11 am - 9 pm
Brave New Books
1904 Guadalupe
Austin, Texas

Rule Of Law October 2009 Traffic Seminar Now Available for Download!

It's here! Get your copy of the audio from both days of the 2-day seminar, all of the materials and documents presented at the seminar including Eddie's book "The Texas Transportation Code: The Law vs. The Lie", research tools and case law, plus more! All for the low price of $250. Everything available for download NOW! Pay with paypal or credit card by clicking the button below. You will be emailed a user name and password within 48 hours to access the download page. (Except on the weekends - Deborah reserves the right to not check email on the weekends. If you purchase on a weekend, your login will be sent the following monday. Any problems with downloads, email Deborah, the administrator.) The video is not yet available, but you will receive access to download the video when it becomes available. Checks and other methods of payment such as gold & silver are accepted as well. Please contact Deborah via email first if you wish to pay with metals. Please mail your payments to Deborah Stevens, 1516 South Lamar #112, Austin, Texas 78704.


Rule of Law Seminar

March 1, 2008
10 am - 6 pm

With bonus time after 6 for those who just can't get enough
of learning how to file criminal complaints
against rogue public officials

Brave New Books
1904 Guadalupe Street
Austin, Texas 78705

Registration fee: $150
Price includes a cd jam-packed with hard-hitting
sample documents ready to be filled out and filed,
along with a step-by-step instruction guide

We will be offering an extended q&a session after 6pm.
For those who would like additional private consultation,
our rate for paralegal services is $50 per hour.



Rule of Law Seminar

February 2, 2008

The Quality Inn Hotel
635 (LBJ Freeway) @ Coit Road
Dallas, Texas

Pre-Registration $150, regular entrance fee $250

If you have been arrested or know someone who has, you must come to this seminar. Everything the police and prosecutors do, from arrest to trial, is horribly illegal and you need to know how in order to protect yourself and your loved ones.
In this one day seminar we will demonstrate every step from arrest to trial, what they are suppose do, what they actually do, and what you can do to force them to follow law and even get them prosecuted for what they have done. We will provide examples of all the documents you will need, with explanations of how to use them. With them, you can start taking the legal system to task and help us get justice back into the system.
We will not be postulating a lot of high-minded legal opinion, but rather, we will be demonstrating specific procedures that will force the legal system to abide by the same laws they claim to enforce.


Rule of Law Seminar

December 15, 2007
9 am - 4pm

Eden Resort Inn, 222 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA 17601


We will demonstrate how local authorities allow and condone intrusion into the sovereign territory of the Commonwealth by foreign agents, alleging non-existent authority to pillage and plunder otherwise hardworking, honest citizens. The people punished here have been singled out for special persecution, not because they are thieves or thugs, but rather solely because they are hard-working, productive members of the community. The harder one works and the more one produces, and the more valuable one is to the community, the more at risk the person becomes and the courts will refuse to enforce laws intended to protect you from just this type of mistreatment.

We start by going after IRS agents because they, above all officials, are the most feared and the most corrupt. We challenge the notices of tax lien because not a single one has been secured in accordance with the rule of law. Because the agent is the most outrageous, he is the most vulnerable. They have made themselves easy targets by their arrogance. These agents are invading the states with no jurisdiction or authority. The only authority they have is that which they can coerce the local officials to allow them. When challenged properly, they are without defense. But then, we really don't care about the agents anyway.

Everything is about the judges. Had the judges not been terrified of those agents themselves, the agents would have been sent packing a long time ago instead of allowed to run roughshod over the very pubic who has empowered them.

What we will demonstrate is not just how to assert your rights, but also, how to put judges in a position to where they either protect your rights or face criminal prosecution themselves. There are a number of checks to the balance of powers written into the law. You and I have simply failed to exercise and enforce them. The reason is that we have been lied to and misdirected by the very officials we have put in place to protect us.

Public officials prefer to do what makes their jobs easier and do not want us civilians interfering. They will misrepresent the truth and when that doesn't work. They will do anything they can to keep us from holding them to the rule of law.

At this seminar we will demonstrate how our officials have hijacked our legal processes and show you how to help us take it back. We will do this by demonstrating what laws the IRS agents have violated and how those violations deny them jurisdiction. We will demonstrate the laws directing the behaviors of our state officials and how they refuse to follow them when it applies to other officials and the crimes they commit when they fail to do their statutory duty. We will also demonstrate a plan to force our state officials to enforce law against the foreign federal intruders.

One person will have a hard time changing the system. However, several hundred filing criminal complaints against local officials for their failures will change everything from the attorney general down to the local judge.