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Special Notice concerning the caller line:

Information concerning the call-in number 512 646-1984:

Please note that this is the CALL-IN number for callers to call in to talk to hosts that are currently on the air and discuss the topic currently at hand, or to raise new topics if the host is accepting open topic calls. Keep in mind that Logos Radio Network offers a variety of shows that discuss a variety of topics. Not every show on this network discusses legal topics or offers legal remedies, so please listen to the show that is currently on the air for a few minutes before calling in, especially if you have a legal question. Not all hosts will be able to answer legal questions and they may not necessarily be discussing legal topics at the time you call. This caller line is the caller line for all the shows on the Logos Radio Network, not just for the Rule of Law show.

Please note that the 512-646-1984 number is not a "listener line." That line is for callers who wish to talk on the air only. We request that folks please listen online at If you do not have internet access at the time you wish to listen, and there is no AM or FM station airing the shows in your area, The Texas Liberty Radio Network (, which streams the Logos Radio Network, provides a listener line for their network, 512-485-9010.

Deborah produces the shows on the Logos Radio Network and screens all the calls for technical quality only, not content, before patching the calls through to the live show, as we are committed to freedom of speech and the highest quality of audio production.

Listeners who wish to talk on the air to the host who is currently on the air are certainly more than welcome to call this number to talk to the host on-air, that's what the line is for, and we encourage these types of calls, even if you disagree with the host. Open, honest, and respectful debate is encouraged, personal attacks and character assassinations are discouraged, neither will foul language be allowed.

In general, callers may only speak to hosts on-air unless arrangements have been made prior to a show.

Please note that this caller line is not the "Rule Of Law Radio Office Phone Line" nor is it the "Logos Radio Network Office Phone Line." There is currently no office phone number or help desk number for the Rule of Law Radio Show or the Logos Radio Network. Any communications to the hosts or to the network should be directed to the email addresses above. Also please note that the call-in number, 512 646-1984, is not "Deborah's Office Phone Number." Deborah's direct line is not available to the public. Any communications intended for Deborah should be directed to her email address.

Please do not abuse the call-in number with attempts at unsolicited direct communication to Deborah or any other producer on duty, as this could result in your call being disconnected. The producers do not have time to have conversations or answer legal questions while producing shows and screening calls. Please direct all questions to the host on the air. The call-in number is strictly and exclusively for listeners to call in to speak with hosts on the air. Please respect the producer when you call and follow his/her instructions to ensure the highest production quality.

We reserve the right to disconnect any call.

We reserve the right to block any phone number or ip address.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences. Thank you for your consideration of these matters, and thank you for your support of the Rule Of Law Radio Show and the Logos Radio Network.